Our Unimog 404 S

In 1987 we bought the UNIMOG 404S below from the fire-brigarde in Hamburg, changed the original gasoline engine by a diesel engine (220 D) in 1987. In 1988 we cut off the "Hilfsrüstwagen" body and made it about 60 cm higher. Thereafter we transformed the empty body into a comfortable camper. Unfortunately the old diesel engine did not have enough power to accelerate our UNIMOG over 65 km/h. Altogther we made four large trips with our UNIMOG and lots of short trips. In the year 2000 we finally sold the car.
If somebody see the truck anywhere on a street or somewhere else we are lucky for a e-mail if possible with a picture.

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  • Modification and renovation of the 404 S in 1987. The full picture gallery.

  • Modifications of our UNIMOG from 404S to 404D. A short diary.

  • Holidays in Schweden and Norway 1988 with the UNIMOG.

  • Reparation of the clutch 1989 in Hamburg.

  • Holidays at the rivers Mosel and Rhein 1990 in Germany.

  • Short trip to Römö in Denmark 1995 (our last trip with the UNIMOG).

  • My first Mog.


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  • Misc pictures:

    Our Unimog 404 S, build in May 1962 on our holiday trip 1989 in the Scottish Highlands.

    Over 60,000 UNIMOG 404 were produced, with most of the vehicles going to the military and fire services in the 1960s. The UNIMOG 404 model came in several variations, the most popular being the soft top cargo truck, the soft top radio truck, and the hard top fire/rescue vehicle like ours. There were other models produced such as a soft top double cab version, and an even rarer hard top double cab.

    Our Unimog on a short trip to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, not far away from Rostock, Germany.

    The off road capabilities of these vehicles are extraordinary, and because of their compact size, reasonable price, and simplicity of construction, this vehicle remains one of the most popular Unimog models for recreational four wheelers.

    After surfing on island Fehmarn in Schleswig Holstein, Germany.