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Jaan WeberMy Unimog 404 S on tour.
John Considinewww.100mph.alloffroad.com - Jc's Irish Unimog site.
Chris Elliott411 on a trail ride in New Hampshire, US.
Roger LuffThe UNIMOG 1700 I inspected for Darrin (http://www.ki7xh.com) at Land und Bau (http://www.landundbau.de) in March 2001.
Jeff LenznerOn top: My 404S Unimog with Trailer and below again this 404 together with my other 404S: Unimog ... MUSS MAN HABEN !!! Auf Englisch: Unimog ... YOU MUST HAVE IT !! Visit me at http://www.clatskanie.com/bat .
Otto Hermes.
Marc Williams1963 404.115 Portland Or USA.
George ReddickMy first day out with my new 1955 404.111. That's Marc Williams with me. Portland, Oregon, USA.
PIC 10
Griff "The Mogger" Griffith1969 Mercedes Unimog 404, all original, must see to believe!.
PIC 14
Lonny Mad Cow Mog.
PIC 20
Aaron BockelieBelgian 404S parked near a trailhead. http://www.mogstink.com.
PIC 21
Bob Gallagher1966 Unimog 411.117 Keizer, Oregon www.rokonworld.com.
PIC 22
Mitchell Matzek1973 Belgian 404 On the trail in Paragon, PA Dervollender@aol.com.
PIC 23
Olaf LenzPicture of my TLF 8 Fire Engine ( o.lenz@feuerwehr-preetz.de ).
PIC 24
Graham Booth1983 Mog 406 with 1969 Rabbit Killer (graham@mandara.freeserve.co.uk).
PIC 25
Robert Powers67 404, Belguim troop carrier.
PIC 26
Chris Elliott, Rhode Island Off-Road404 trail rig in New Hampshire, US.
PIC 27
Lin LeonhardtMy 1968 404 Radio Camper "Mountain Mog" Descanso, CA USA Leonhardt@peoplepc.com.
PIC 28
Brian NortonMy 79' Case 406 Grand Junction, Colorado.
PIC 31
Frank FlickUNIMOG muss man haben .... www.unimogs-online.de .
PIC 32
Ernst Sigmundour 1971 mog in autem 2001.
PIC 33
warwick this is my 404d.i have used a 4 cylinder 90bhp merc unit (om314)it has a top speed of 50 mph and has masses of tourque.the crane is powered by a honda diesel engine...any questions please contact me on...woztheboat@aol.com
PIC 41
Jónas Hafsteinsson 1961 404.114 in Iceland. e-mail: bensunimog@isl.is
PIC 42
Allen Sampson my mog 2010, 1955 with custom weels for 37" monster mudders. ahsampson@shaw.ca
PIC 53
Bruce TC Vehicle: unimog 404; 1959 Modifications: Stainless steel gas tank, quick disconnect windshields History: Ex snowblower, has reinforced front frame, auxilary control panel, hydraulics, crawler gears, and clearview screen windshield more information at www.geocities.com/testy150
PIC 57
Kenny Van Extergem Shelter for my 404.s
PIC 58
Chris McPhee 1964 404 with rare 3 Door Dopple Kabine. Converted to diesel power via an OM617. Originally converted for trans-sahara trip but now residing in Vermont USA.
PIC 59
Dave ..ok, this is no unimog, but it's a 4wd truck too ;-) more at http://www.projekt-170d.de.vu/
PIC 60
Sigurdur Asgeirsson One of my 3 Unimog 404S. Crossing a river in southern Iceland. Homepage under construction with lots of cool pictures in very rough terrain. E-mail: thyrla@itn.is
PIC 61
Sigurdur Asgeirsson One of my 3 Unimog 404S. 1963 model going up a mountain in west Iceland. Homepage under construction, more details on thyrla@itn.is
PIC 63
Sigurður Ásgeirsson Photo taken from the heli of "Muggur" not bothering to slow down for a puddle.
PIC 64
Sigurður Ásgeirsson Entering a river in south Iceland. Crossing it and then reversing across it and then crossing it again wherever you want seems to annoy the toy-ota "jeep" owners a bit.
PIC 65
Sigurður Ásgeirsson Muggur posing for the camera. The wire has come in handy a few times.
PIC 66
Guðni og Ævar Our Unimog coming out for the first time in the new coat. ovissuferdir@islandia.is trollagil@isl.is
PIC 67
Guðni og Ævar Here is our Unimog with the old coat on.
PIC 68
Dave R Clara is 1963 working girl. Perkins diesel, pto driving Boughton Winch at front and hydaulic ram for the pritsche. Now almost with a newly refurbished cab. Lovingly used by Danbury Tree Surgery - arborists in Essex, England
PIC 78
Nick Carrier This picture is something that I made in computer class. If anyone who has a unimog picture and would like it to have any effect done to it, I'll do it. Send the pictures to heynicks@hotmail.com
PIC 81
Van Extergem Kenny this is my Ex-belgian army mog . I worked a year to finish it but now he is in top condition !
PIC 82
Terry Lane Pictures of my UNIMOG 416. I live in Reedley Calif. USA. I got my truck from Eurotruck Importers in Atlanta Georgia. It is an ex German Army, BW trooper with soft-top, which I understand is very rare. I guess they went from 404 gasoline models to U1300 L models and didn't have many 416 models.
PIC 83
Erwin ter Riet My Unimog 404, the first weekend with the hardtop ready.
PIC 91
Ricardo Amurrio It´s my old unimog in action,this picture is in Spain my e-mail is amurrio@megacceso.com
PIC 94
Ricardo Amurrio mi unimog otra vez
PIC 95
Roger Luff The "Darricat" - a Darrin-made Unicat from Darrin in WY, USA. Not yet finished but on the best way to be an Expedition Camper (http://www.ki7xh.com).
PIC 104
tom U 404.1 wohnmobil gasantrieb
PIC 110
Thilo Grasberger Unimog 404s (Radio Box) more: http://www.unimog404s.de
PIC 119
Matteo Here it's my '68 411.118. Greetings from ITALY
PIC 128
Matteo Now, it's time for my '72 416.141. I use my mogs only for hobby and pleausure. CIAO
PIC 129
Felipe This is my UNIMOG 25 - 2010 from 1952 (1st serie). The vehicle is in Barcelona, Spain in excellent running condition.
PIC 154
Oscar CASANOVA MENENDEZ My U-421 over the Rio Negro river, in the Patagonia Arnetina.
PIC 170
Friedrich from Germany ! This is my U421 ,build in 1979 ! E-Mail : cf-becker@gmx.de
PIC 175
Eduardo Campos Installing a diesel engine into the 404. Pachacamac December 2002
I'll show you the results within a few weeks.
PIC 176
Jonas Hafsteinsson Unimog 404 114, OM 617 912, turbo, intercooler, Super Swamper Bogger 19,5/44 x 15, Michelin 335/80 x 20. unimog@mmedia.is
PIC 186
George Jessup If you know of anyone that has a camper box for a 404 that wants to sell it please let me know.

Wenn Sie von irgendjemandem wissen, daß er einen Wohnwagen Kasten für einen 404 hat, den er verkaufen will, lassen sie es mich wissen.

Om De vet av noen at har en campingvogneske som Deres for en 404 at selger det behager lar meg vite.
PIC 187
justin engberts and gerwin elzing these two mog's are 404S types with a 300D five cilinder engines. the red one has 80 HP and the bleu one 88 HP. whe are the unimogteam schoonebeek from Holland. e-mail justin.margreet@tiscali.nl and
PIC 206

PIC 214
Ryan Gerrish 1964 404.114 German Radio Truck. All stock, good shape!
PIC 235
Chris Pople Truck Trial Team Gagnerie from Jersey (U.K.) Compeating in the Europa Truck Trials
PIC 246
N. Bethune My 404 build 1960, loc: Indonesia
PIC 247
N. Bethune My 1964 411.119, loc: Indonesia
PIC 248
Frontier Forestry Ltd Our latest U1750 AG (2002) with a 12.5 cum chip bin. Currently fitting a new Bandit 12" wood-chipper on the front.

PIC 249
Frontier Forestry Ltd Our U1000 with a Bandit 9" wood-chipper and 6.5 metre chip bin working hard in the woods on a pipeline tree clearance contract near Edinburgh in Scotland. Not much room so this is the machine for the job!

PIC 250
Peter Claes aka. OLVAAR This picture is my unimog 404 from 1968 .. bought it at the Belgian Army for 250 euro .. Had a few rust spots (not rusted through).. but runs great ... changed the ignition (pertronix and un shielded cables) ... I also have a Renault goelette 4x4 .. check out the restorations on my website : http://users.pandora.be/pcl/ Sign the guestbook :-)
PIC 253
Nico This is my unimog 406 with Hiab crane. year 1972.
PIC 271
Stephen Stewart The photo shows my U1300L campervan Mog towing lots of conventional campervans through a river in Tibet. See www.unimog.org.uk for more photos.
PIC 273
troy porter 1966 404 ambulance w/ home made hard cab. working on changeing the box to a camper. colorado usa
PIC 278
GJ Spijkers This is my 406 (1977) it has two winches and a dozerbord
it had 88hp but we twisted something on the fuelpump.now he's much more powerful.
greetings gspijkers@home.nl
PIC 283
SHAWN BELVER Having fun in our unimog
PIC 289
Jose Trisotti This is a rebuilt 406. This unimog will go to the Atacama Desert expedition
PIC 290
Heinz and Barbara Pedersen 1986 U1300L Unimog Camper At El Mirage Dry Lake in California.
On our way from Victoria BC Canada to Baja California 2002.
PIC 297
Brian Davis This is my new 404, finally in my driveway. Notice that I managed to grab the one and only Unimog plate here in Alberta. I can't believe it wasn't taken. Planning a paint job and lots of cleanup. New tires are on top of my list. Also thinking of moving the PTO winch to the middle of the truck. BrianRDavis@shaw.ca
PIC 298
Gert Bollen 1968 Swiss Unimog with Mercedes Benz type C winch.
Genk, Belgium.
PIC 307
Paul de Keizer, PA3AQL Our Ham Radio Truck in operation.
Owner: HelleMonster Foundation to promote the art and skill of Telegraphy. Visit our homepage: www.hellemonster.nl
PIC 308
Van Extergem Kenny This is the schelter u can see a few pic's up standing on a trailer, one difference now he's completed and ready for years of mog fun .
PIC 309
Mike Popovitch 1987 U1300L, Ex-Bundeswehr. Custom made 1970 Radiobox mounted on US Army M105A1 trailer frame. More photos of Unimog projects and trips: http://www.thecolonnadehotel.com (Click on the Unimog link)
PIC 323
Steve Elliot My first Unimog bought 5 months ago. Lots of fun to drive. I'm in Boulder Creek, Ca. b1pw48@yahoo.com
PIC 345
Saul Zeigen 1969 Unimog 404. szeigen@yahoo.com
PIC 352
Dirk Langford My newest toy a 1967 Unimog 404.1 DoKa next to my old toy, a 75 cj5 in Central Florida.
PIC 354
Tom Van den Bouhede Unimog, een beetje scheef...
Zaten even in de problemen met de voorwielaandrijving
PIC 365
Jeff Houston Baja ready color paint job. My '67 does the job as mi casa en Mexico!
PIC 394
warkne 416 doka 1982 rebuilt in 2003 -
PIC 396
Van Exteergem Kenny Bullbar for my 404,it's fixed underneath the original bumper and can be removed to get the mog back in original shape. (Shit quaility picture!, will be removed soon!, Van Exteergem Kenny send me a better one - Roger)
PIC 402
denis unimog 1962 s404114 vacance 2003 dominique-denis2@wanadoo.fr
PIC 405
Pete Lembesis My U1300L/37 on a trip to the Tunisian Sahara, November '03. Plan to return in 2004, anyone interested?
PIC 407
Highlander Picture in the Scottish Highlands of me and my mog. In this case a U1000 1984 Full Agri-spec. It is pulling a Class 44 big round hay baler. Gets used for all sorts of farm work.
Highlander (www.ormistonhighlands.com)
PIC 408
stephane belanger 400 chevy sm 425hp th350 trans plus unimog 6 speed pto winch front
hdro. rear 40`" boggers roll cage welder,air,electric cooler,...
PIC 409
Sylvia Benub My 404 S TLF 8/8 called Moggie von Freyhaven, see me at http://www.freyhaven.com
PIC 410
Roger Luff I found this poor UNIMOG 404 on ebay with a start bit of US $2,575.00 !!! Great deal :-(
PIC 419
Chris McPhee A Belgian 404 and a Swiss Command box on their way to the Southern USA. I will miss the Swiss Command truck for sure ! Happy Mogging
PIC 425
warkne 416 doka prepared for desert.
see : http://www.club-unimog.com/album_photos/index.php?dir=/membres/warkne/prepadesert
PIC 426
Sean Green My 421 crossing a local river.
PIC 427
Saul Zeigen My friends, me, and my 404 at 3200 meters above sea level in La Calera, Colombia.
PIC 435
bj parent First trip in the unimog to the desert near Wickengurg, Arizona.
A real thrill for me and Gail. bjp@cox.net
PIC 461
Mickaël PEYRE 401.102 year 1955 rebuilte yet
PIC 468
Michael This is my unimog, it's a 1956 401 that I bought from a funeral home for a $1000 and it even came with two tombstones in the back.
PIC 472
Norbert Lies My 1966 404.1 before restauration. I am in love already
PIC 473
Nadir Ugurlular My 404.113 with greetings from Istanbul/TURKEY
PIC 474
Johan Hellman The picture was taken in Italy during eurotrial 2003.
PIC 475
Stephane Debecker Belgium - U1300L (435)-1981-130HP-45000Km
PIC 476
paul Njuguna unimog used for safari in Kenya
PIC 487
john menelik l. Turkana expedition Kenya
PIC 489
birol emekdas My Unimog S-404 bilgi@gezgit.com
PIC 493
Alain Gaubert from France My 1980's U600 - 421.141 (closed cab), Few months after i bought it. More pics on http://unimog-421.com
PIC 499
Andre Wünscher Ein Bad mit meinem 404 :-)
The 404 is beginning to learn swimming :-)

PIC 500
Murat Basaran Putting my new '61 404 to use by ripping out a tree. =)
PIC 503
Volker Thiele My S404.1 at a Oldtimer-Day in Bottrop-Kirchhellen
more pictures on:
PIC 510
Brian K. Sadler My '63 ex-Swiss 'Mog and traler, enroute for the annual Moose hunt in central British Columbia, Canada. Quad ATV and six weeks' supplies in the 'Mog.
PIC 512
Brian K. Sadler Thought your viewers would like to see the Koni shocks, the bolt-on frame adapter, the tent and pole carrier (ABS tube) and the gas tank vent tube alongside the ABS.
PIC 513
Roger Walsberg This is my 406 that I use for commercial plowing and pulling my mini excavator around. I live in Two Harbors, Minnesota, so let me know when you drive your mog through town. roger@builtritehandlers.com
PIC 515
Søren Dalberg-Pedersen This is my first UNIMOG and I just recently got it home. Well I am going to spend some time to rebuild it but thas part of the joy. The vehicle is a 411.119 1967 former Danish Airforce vehicle. Mounted with a HIAB crane and only 12.000 km. on it. It is going to be put back in original Airforce colors to respect its origin.
I live at the Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea and feel free to pay my website a visit.
See you guys....and keep on moggin´
Email: m-dalberg@tdcadsl.dk
PIC 516
Charles Lau Playing around in a construction site with the 404.
PIC 517
Nadir Ugurlular My 404.113 with greetings from Istanbul/TURKEY
PIC 518
Jerome Palas FarMog, Cedar Valley, Iowa, USA.
PIC 520
Gilles gillesferres@hotmail.com In french or spanish only. It's not for sale
PIC 521
Charles Lau Testing out the articulation. Spring are from a Ford Aero Star mini van. They work great!
PIC 525
Plutzinsky marcel Ex Belgian Army from 1963.
PIC 530
Plutzinsky marcel This is my Ex Belgian Army Truck from 1973
PIC 532
Sten Dahllöw Unimog 25 from 1950. only 19450 km.
mail: dahllow@telia.se
PIC 538
WWW.HOTSTOCKS.COM In Vancouver, Canada for the day
PIC 541
Joe O'Bremski Frist time wheeling my 1966 404 at our 24th Annual Hump N Bump. Pretty amazing truck!
PIC 544
Randy Barrell 1974 Danish 416
PIC 546
Randy Barrell 416 1974 Ohio
PIC 547
Uday Bhan Singh This vehicle is purchased from a Tata Locomotives auction in India.
Tata Motors are the builders of Mercedes Trucks in India since the early 1950s.
I have not seen a second piece in the country.
Hope to restore it well with your help.
Please mail me more details about this wonderful truck.
My e mail id is udaybhansingh@hotmail.com
Thank you
PIC 548
Bob Hornett 1971 Swiss 404. November 04 North Central British Columbia. Only modification is a Pertronix igniter.
PIC 550
rene here are my 404 pic. before and after
PIC 551
rene hereis my 404 upside down
PIC 552
andré Mora My 402 from 1955 ex-radio still running unimog@tele2.fr
PIC 556
Leonard Jones I like the 411's but they're just too small for me. I rebuilt my 404 cab, shortened the wheelbase 21" and shortened the bed to match for a 411 look that's more comfortable to ride in.
PIC 601
mmare that can landslip and water make in a few minutes
november 2004 slovenia
PIC 617

PIC 618
kris lundt i just purchased this 1300L, its now on a barge on its way to alaska
PIC 619
Alex Rubio De la Torre this is my 61' 404 at Bucay, Ecuador, i need 2 hours to go out from this pit, every minute came more and more mud, but nothing compare the Unimog, i relly love it!
PIC 620
Alex Rubio De la Torre My 61's 404
PIC 621
Allen Sampson my 1955 mog, with home built rims to fit 37incj swampers tires, i use it around the farm to haul wood, and the kids play with it in the swamp, lots of fon, i own 4 of these mogs,
PIC 624
Matteo Brancacci This is my new UNIMOG 1966 S404 Radio Van. I am planning to put some seats in the back to make it a Downhill Shuttle and do Outback Tours all over Costa Rica...


PIC 632
Julian Peez Please,

Any one tell me Waht model is this unimog? thanks for you help
PIC 633
Mogstar Blokked on the way
PIC 637
Mogstar Thank you, dear winch...
PIC 638
Bart Genovese Completly restored UNIMOG 404, converting the radiotruck into my little R.V. that will take me where no R.V. has gone before.Later, Bart.
PIC 644
C. Lau 1967 Unimog on a little hill.
PIC 645
Von Here is my 75' CASE MB4/94 that I restored and put a DoKa cab on. Did a ful frame off restoration on it.
PIC 647
Marko My 1978 424 Unimog with 14,5-20 stock size tyres (43x14-20.
PIC 648
Saúl Zeigen Coming out from a 4-meter-depth hole...
PIC 650
Mogstar David vs Goliath
PIC 653
stéphane67 I restore this Unimog this summer and I'm going to change his M180 motor next year by a OM617 of a MB 300 D.
I'm waiting for all of informations to do this change the better possible.
if someone had do this thing, I hope he will contact me for share this aventure.
excuse my little English.
PIC 656
ernie the mog 404 on this picture is my first one with a licence for the road. (e.verhoef@chello.nl)
PIC 657
Jose Antonio y Adal Unimog 406 en Tenerife, esta siendo restaurado y en poco tiempo estará preparado para probarlo!!

e-mail adalfiesta@hotmail.com
PIC 669
MIrek Hladik Photo from Nelson British Columbia, this Mog has 300 turbo diesel motor and it's used for mountain bike tours. www.gravityadventures.net
PIC 670
Tolegen This is my Mog. I have combined a 124 mercedes with 3 liter engine with my 404 Unimog and that's what I have now.
PIC 676
Leo Christensen Funny days i millitary areas.
PIC 680
peter unimog '64 german armi
PIC 687
Marshall Oswold 1973 416.117 DoKa - originally purchased by the German Postal Service, Dec 1973
PIC 689
JP Van Der Schyf This is a picture of my Mog project.
It used to be a Military vehicle sourced from the South African army, called a buffel.
This is what it looked like the day I bought it.
E-mail address johann.vanderschyf@bmw.co.za (This address will only be valid till the end of this week 20060407 as I have resigned from BMW )
Alternate e-Mail address jvdschy@yahoo.com
PIC 694
JP Van Der Schyf This is my 416 unimog chassis with a experimental cab as used by the SA army.
PIC 695
Carlos My Unimog 404S Year of Man. 1956 in Kenya is still strong
after more than 200.000 Km
PIC 700
matthew russell this is my 1960 404.114 german radio work truck with 38.5 mudder on it we live in yuma,AZ USA
PIC 703
Mario Joosten This is the most rare Unimog double cabine i ever had. The mog has fast axles and a Werner winch in front.More pictures you can see on my website www.unimogholland.com
My email adress is: mario@unimogholland.com
PIC 726
Frank van Weerdenburg This is my S404.0 300TDI! It has a OM617a engine with custommade intercooler. We made a trip to Dakar with it!
PIC 732
Brent Sammond 69 swiss 404
PIC 735
John Hosszu My 1970 Swiss Unimog
PIC 757
hugo Reborn of a 404,with M130 engine.
PIC 760
Peter Thompson --
PIC 768
PIC 769
António Abel Two of the most beautiful military vehicles
PIC 783
Raul Ocaña UNIMOG U-401 1.954 motor OM-636 Parque Nacional Yacambu.Estado Lara Venezuela

PIC 788
Raul Ocaña --
PIC 789
Jose Antonio y Adal Por fin totalmente restaurado despues de año y medio, y actualmente modificandolo de nuevo, esto es un no parar!!

PIC 793
Leo. Hey fellows, my 416 on a trial post.More pictures on www.snabegaard.dk
PIC 797
-- My Unimog with custom headlight arangement
Johann Van Der Schyf
PIC 801
Johann Van Der Schyf Converting my softtop single cab to a hardtop doublecab.
PIC 802
Jim Colville My 404 when I first got it in 1997 I'm in upstate N.Y.
PIC 804
Bill Stauffer 1968 TLF-8 Firetruck Daily driver Central Florida owned by Mog Media Inc. X-Dominos Pizza East Coast Delivery - www.oldstock4less.com
PIC 807
Sean Mehrlander 1977 416 Doka on a trail ride in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, USA.
PIC 809
Jacques VAN DEN WINKEL Mon Unimog 1300L (avec moteur 170 HP) Campers
PIC 814
derek hynes my unimog u1800 with 38kv cable and 10 ton trailer
PIC 817
Stephen Stewart My ex-military 1980 Unimog U1300L was converted into a campervan
and has been to China and Tibet in 2002, Iceland in 2003,
Siberia and Mongolia in 2004 and Central and South America in 2006/7.

See www.unimog.org.uk
PIC 828
birol emekdas bemekdas@gmail.com
PIC 830
Doug A. history: this is my 65 404 with a custom box and 11.00 20 tires. I use the truck for 4x4 ing and soon will be plowing snow. Doug A.
PIC 831
Christopher Morin Hello, Here's my 1963 404S, Project I-MOG
PIC 836
Carel Roux My Unimog is a great entertainment vechicle. We love to go to romantic places, have drinks and often make food on it. We live in Hermanus, South Africa, a place which offers a lot of romantic parking spots. We sometimes watch the whales visiting our shores to calf during the late winter time. charlie@hermanus.co.za
PIC 845
Johann van der Schyf Converting from softtop singlecab to hardtop doublecab.
More pictures at this link
Currently busy adding more fotos on doublecab conversion
PIC 846
roei Pic of my mog in the israel desert.
PIC 851
Mickaël PEYRE 401.102 year 1955 Finish rebuilte
PIC 853
Chris Elliott My U1300L w/ Schmidt S3 blower in Freedom, New Hampshire, USA
PIC 868
Chris Elliott A U1300L and 404 made to look like fire trucks for the filming of a movie due out Feb. 2009. (can't say which movie yet)
PIC 869
Steve Linde Unimog 401 posing in the Utah desert.
PIC 870
Hugo his picture of my U1700, while crossing the Simpson Desert in South Australia. It covers 3 states, South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory. This was not far from 'poeppel's corner', on a large clay pan. It went well, thru the desert, with over 900 sanddunes to cross over. Average height of dunes I believe is over 15 metres. We took only 4 days, to traverse the 400 km French Line, East to West.
PIC 871
Ed Mathurin My 1962 Unimog 404 Radio Truck located in Massachusetts
PIC 873
David Gudmunsen 996 Unimog 1450L Euro2, Custom DoKa cab, hydraulic 5 ton winch. Based on north west coast of Scotland.
PIC 876
Adeel Khalid This vehicle is purchased from a Pakistan Army auction.
It is U600L 421.
Hope to restore it to orignal well with your help.
Please mail me more details about this wonderful truck.
My e mail id is adeelkhalid74@hotmail.com
Thank you
PIC 879
Jud Eades 416 Doka - Logan, Utah. USA
PIC 891
Christopher Morin 1962 404 SWISS
Project I-MOG rolls on.
PIC 894
PIC 909
PIC 910
PIC 911
PIC 913
PIC 914
PIC 915
PIC 919
Johan Oosthuizen This is a 411-112 1958 model. This is a Acricultural Aplication.
Im Living in South Africa. This one is stil in Original working order.
PIC 927
derek hynes my u1300,u1800 and my u500
PIC 932
Lisle My 1970 ex German army radio box.And I love it. lisleshallcross@hotmail.com not for sale
PIC 949
DAMO this is a mog im doing work on at the moment for a freind of mine who wanted a new work van that could carry more weight weve fitted a new shape ford transit cab on instead and were gonna be fitting a transit tipper on the rear.. should look funky.. will keep posted as work goes on
PIC 951
Ivan Moreno This is my 1969 404S down in Mexico City. It has NOS Unimog 180 engine, new paint and Continental MPT81 tires.
PIC 953
Edwin Hannink This is a U 1700 agra with a 4 axel trailer with dolly and the last axel stears holland .
PIC 960
Jan von Ziegenweidt 1980 model 1300L, ready for trans-continental expedition. Long range fuel and water tanks, and most comprehensively equipped. Only done 120K kms since new,very tidy condition. Vehicle is UK registered and currently located in Namibia, and is FOR SALE - ready for shipment to anywhere in the world. email jan4africa@yahoo.com, or tel +264 813008906
PIC 962
Oscar Casanova Oskita and Unimog 421. Punta Bermeja. Argentine Patagonia
PIC 964
Dimitri Rizos My favourite U 411 / 1958 rizomar23@yahoo.gr
PIC 965
Winston Weaver MB4/94 - 1975 Mog (406) - Rebuilding from ground up, about 1/3 done. New tires,
chrome powder coating for Rims and air tank. New air lines in stainless, powder
coat yellow for coil springs, all new brakes.
PIC 967
Nico My Unimog 411, one of the last built 411, year 1974, agriculture.
PIC 968
Johnny Downing urban mogging..1968 unimog 404... tulsa, ok. u.s.
PIC 971
johnny downing logging in th MOG.. '68 404..tulsa, oklahoma, u.s.a.
PIC 972
Johnny Downing Xtreme Recovery Service.. Tulsa, Oklahoma ..'68 unimog 404..th1onlyjohnboy@gmail.com
PIC 974
George I'm from GREECE
PIC 975
Nico My two of the last build unimogs 411.118 Agriculture both from 1974
One restored the other as it was sold by the factory in 1974.
PIC 979
Salah Ibrahim Dongu'du This wonderful UNIMOG Ambulance truck used to be property of the Kenyan Army; but later sold to Rafiki company during an auction in 2010. I then bought it from Rafiki company in 2011 and I am currently finalising the rebuild and maintenance for export to South Sudan. I love this UNIMOG!

PIC 985
-- My Unimog 411. One owner before me I was just 12 year when it come to our village in Sweden. I bought it ten year ago and restored it .

Staffan Karlsson
PIC 986
Keith 1963 Unimog 404. Originally imported from England where it was a farm utility vehicle. Here in Tahoe it was used as a Search and Rescue and Ski Patrol vehicle and was seen in several Truckee 4th of July parades.
PIC 994
Islamabad Unimog We have a number of Unimogs in Pakistan (most of them retired from the army) and we have a meet up once In a while to showcase our toys :-)
PIC 995
Islamabad Unimog Pakistan Unimog meet up .... Great fun :-)
PIC 996
Islamabad Unimog Another Pakistan Unimog club meet up :-)
PIC 997
Islamabad Unimog Unimog adventure somewhere in Chitral, Gilgit or Skardu.... Northern areas of Pakistan
PIC 998
Sten Dahllöw Unimog 2011 from 1950 oldest i Sweden

PIC 999
xanta unimog 403 stuck in aggianakis beach at peloponissos
PIC 1009
xanta all good hahaha
PIC 1011
xanta i think i am stuck???
PIC 1012
xanta i think i want help from 6tn winch....george adams from kiparissia.messinia.grecce
PIC 1015
JP vd Schyf my rebuilt ex South African defense force Buffel restored back to Original Unimog .svierkleur@yahoo.com
PIC 1018
Staffan Karlsson After I restored it looks like picture. It was a brick factory who bought it 1962 I saw when arrived I was 12 year old and very impressed . Beginning 1980 the factory ended and I bought it from them it was not much left of the Unimog at that time. Today I use it to many things it is a good "toy"
PIC 1024
Jan unimog s404 1966 ex Belgium army
PIC 1028
george My 411 year 1959 unimog restoration....
PIC 1029