Holidays in Schweden and Norway with the UNIMOG

Here a few pictures for our first large tour with the UNIMOG to Sweden and Norway. We drove from Hamburg via Denmark (Sealand) to Helsingborg in Sweden. From Helsingborg we visited Goeteborg, and Oslo. From Oslo we drove to Bergen, but on the have way our clutch broke down. Moreover we had significant problems with out generator.

The UNIMOG at a famous waterfall in Norway.

An engine cooling tube broke and we lost our cooling water. Fortunately this happens near a big lake.

A nice place for a night.

The generator broke down, we tried to fix the problem but we could not solve it here. As a consequence we had to charge the batteries every night. Thank's very much to the fire-brigarde in Odda (Norway).

We also had fun in this holidays with the car....

.....and we saw a lot of the country.....

.....and the sea.......

and the fjords.......

and the sea again.

But in Oslo we recognized that our surfmasts had been broken during the last trip because we forgot to fix them right on the roof of the truck.

Unfortunately the clutch had been brocken down on this trip. Therefore we had to repair it. See the pictures of the

reparation of the clutch.