Reparation of the clutch after the trip to Norway

On our tour trough Sweden and Norway our clutch broke down near Bergen. As a consequence we drove back home without it. Fortunately we did not destroy the gearbox during that trip. In Norway we drove through a pass with a hight of more than 1000m without the clutch, but we had the most stress in Oslo in a traffic jam because we had to stop the engine every time when we had to stop the car. The only way to start the UNIMOG was: Put in first gear and start engine (without the clutch the starter moves the car foreward until the engine start working).

We used our old kindergarden swinging to lift the driver's cab.

Driver's cab is lift off, now we had to remove the engine.

This time we did not remove the steering column. Instead we cutted a whole in the bottom of the driver's cub.

To lift the engine off, we had to move the swinging over the UNIMOG again.

Here it is, the brocken clutch, we lost one of the five arms (the lower in the picture).

Now, finally after the reparation of the clutch we had to assemble all again. So that the truck was prepared for our next large tour to Scottland in summer 1990. Unfortunately we do not have one picture from this tour, so the next picture gallery shows pictures from the tour along the rivers Mosel and Rhein in fall 1990.