Shorttrip to Römö in Denmark

Römö is a nice little island in the south western part of Denmark. The island is connected to the continent with a causeway/damm through the wadden sea of the North Sea. The driving on the beach is permitted on this island, this is a lot of fun driving in the sand with the UNIMOG. From Hamburg we had to drive about 350 km.

First stop for a night at the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal in Schleswig-Holstein. This canal connects the balic sea with the river Elbe and with is with the North Sea.

Next morning, having breakfast and watching ships. Many large ships use the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal to shorten the way between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. This place is very popolar for camping (overnight parking).

Arrived in Römö an the beach. Very crowded that day and not enouth wind.

We drove around, to find a place where not so many people are. Most of the cars had problems in the soft sand and most of the people stayed away.

Our place for the night, in that surroundings the UNIMOG does not attract so much attention.

On the next day we had enouth wind for surfing. On this trip the UNIMOG works very fine.