Research vessel cruises

Cruises on research vessels

During my studies of oceanography at the Institute of Oceanography at the University of Hamburg and thereafer during my work at GEOMAR in Kiel, I participate on several cruises on board of research vessels. These pages will give a short and incomplete overview over the cruises and the scientific background of each as far as I remember.

Pictures from my cruises:

Press on the links in the table below for pictures and explanations from the specific cruise.

Ship Year Destination and background
R.V. Alkor 1989 in the Baltic Sea. Student excursion, oceanographic background teaching
R.V. Valdivia 1990 in the north Atlantic. North Atlantic deep water formation, overflow over Greenland - Island ridge
R.V. Heinke 1992 in the North Sea. Biological standard programm for fish larvie abundances.
R.V. Mya 1993 in the wadden sea around Sylt. Student excursion in the German Bight wadden sea. Experiments on reaction of the wadden sea sediments to environmental changes.
R.V. Heinke 1994 west off Ireland. Fish larvie abundances and CTD measurements in the area of the Porcupine Bank
R.V. Sonne 1996 in the Arabian Sea. Water column and sediment measurements to estimate benthic and pelagic turn over.
R.V. Meteor 1998 in the North Atlantic. Also water column and sediment measurements to estimate benthic and pelagic turn over.
R.V. Sonne 2002 in the Pacific (Hydrate Ridge). Methane fluxes and anaerobic methane oxidation in gas hydrate bearing sediments off Oregon, USA.

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