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Roger LuffMy GN400 1984 in Spain about 60 km in front of the Portugese border.
PIC 18
Steve in Missouri USA Been a great bike the SUZUKI GN400. Bought it from the local Honda dealer, used, for $250.00US. Only has about 6500 miles on it. I added drag bars, tuned up, lowered fork tubes, etc. Been a great bike, possibly one of my all time favorites. These are really good bikes, have a lot of character (how many bikes these days have a ritual just to start them ?) and are a blast, overall. I do not ride at night, so the electrics are of little concern. I hear they are not so hot, but the rest of the bike makes up for it.
PIC 19
Jon Kusler, WA, USA (3krauts @ 1981 GN400L model has 10,000 miles on it total and I get approx 65mpg. Got the tank and sidecovers done over in gloss black. I cheated on the cases and forks with Yamaha engine case paint. I totally enjoy riding the little GN400 on back roads and it gets alot of looks as there isn't hardly any single cylinder road bikes on the road today.
PIC 29
Rob from Melton Mowbray GN400 with hard tail back end.
PIC 36
Patrick Renaud Look at my gn 400 33ch 51000km, I live in Paris, France
PIC 88
Patrick Renaud Salut Roger, je l ai trouver sur internet c est une gn 400!
PIC 89
Mike Giddens My GN400 in Florida. Just bought in may 2002 do not know much about the bike other than it had been garaged for ten years. (
PIC 93
Erik Here a picture of the GN400 I owned two years. I rebuild it a littlebit. For other bikes look Erik
PIC 98
Christopher.Moraes This is my gn400 in India. Had it for last 10 years.
PIC 99
PIC 124
Shofferis This is my first bike Suzuki-Gn400 (1983).
All my dreams came true with this one!
(Vilnius city, Lithuania).
Shofferis @
PIC 258
Jan Keevel After about 20 years without a bike (and drowling all over the place) I bought this bike - wonderful to be back on two wheels again - may be not as imppressive as my former Laverda, but at least as much fun - Born To Be Wild (again) - I try to share my affection for and my knowledge of my bike on my homepage:
PIC 259
Bob It runs and drives but runs poorly and lacks power. It may just be a dirty carb but I'm not sure. The history of the bike is unknown. Main, USA.
PIC 343
Keith Rogers My 1982 GN400T bought as a second bike for riding the country lanes of England. With just 20,000 miles on the clock it is almost all original except for the Gold star silencer (the genuine one now no longer available) I also fitted straight bars and replaced a few other parts to bring it up to first class order. My other bike is a Ducati 996 but i still really enjoy riding this machine
PIC 346
Scott Saunders Binghamton, NY, USA. Only modifications are an 18 tooth countershaft sprocket (instead of 16) and fork proctectors. Will carry my wife and myself 65 mph (105 kph) on the interstate. Fast enough for the east coast in the USA.
PIC 347
Corinna Suzuki GN 400 CPO Umbau von 1983
Wurde 2002 aus vielen Teilen wieder neu aufgebaut.
Einfach geil zu fahren !!!
info @
PIC 376
Corinna GN 400 CPO Umbau von 1983 wurde 2002 modernisiert und komplett neu aufgebaut.
dw @
PIC 395
Jörn My GN 400 with 200.000 kilometers.
I had it since 1984 till 2002. No problems
with the mechanic, only with the 6V electricity
PIC 478
Koen This is my GN 400 from 1981. I have this bike since 3 weeks, and i am very happy with it! It drives very good. Lucky me.
PIC 491
Hans This is my gn 400 build in 1981
PIC 498
Alex Hainen My 1980 GN400. Left standing in the middle of a farm field for 15 years. Bike has come a long 2-year restoration. More detailed information at:
PIC 502
PIC 507
PIC 508
Graz, New Zealand 82. Brought this in '92. Very reliable, have done 28,000kms on it.
I heard there was only 18 imported to NZ and have never seen another here?
PIC 509
Lewis Cramer I just posted this for sale on ebay.........its got a couple of days left so if your interested.........please look and bid.....good shape and runs good.........
PIC 523
Roger Nice GN400 convertion from Germany I found on ebay.
PIC 524
David Mandl Bought this bike for 700$ from a friend and it only had 2200km on it. It is my first bike and I've driven it for about 4 months now and I love it. Almost 5000km on her now and it runs perfectly. Cheap on gas (250km to reserve) and cheap to insure. I'll never sell this bike. What a steal of a deal...Any questions about it write to me at: make sure you put a subject line that says GN400 or I might not get it...Cheers
PIC 527
Russell Parker I see the GN 400 a little differently from most. Insurance rates here favour the 400cc class, and I wanted a single, but not a cruiser-type, so I added a Honda SS tank, a pair of drag bars, a drilled disc and muffler extension and made some stainless sidecovers, and my wife helped me build the seat. Fun. Canada
PIC 549
Stuart UK England I just bought this GN400 off eBay last weekend (Jan 05). It's a bit tatty but sounds great! Can't wait for better weather to get it cleaned up, serviced and get back on the road.
PIC 609
Pieter Tudts This is my Gn witch I bought allmost for free. I regred the previous owner did not seem to like the original look that much, but it's still a lott of fun to take a short trip with. I hope to be able to give it his original look back.
PIC 615
Mick Pearce I Bought the bike in Germany for 170 (equiv)back in 2000. Imported it back to the UK in 2001 and glad I did. Mo longer my first bike but a good ride none-the-less. Cheap to run and always starts from cold, warm starts are a bit more fun!!!. Electrics ok, I've removed the indicators, headlamp ok for the speed (cruise at 60-70 mph easy)but love the red glow of the clocks at night.
PIC 626
Eric I bought the GN400 three years ago, it has only 7500 miles on it. A great lil' thumper!
PIC 630
Suzi-Susan go on!!!
PIC 639
jean pierre Belgie suzuki gn 400 1980
normaal kleur zwart,is herspoten in lavendelblauw
PIC 646
William McGrann
Purchased in 89 for $250.00 / Taken off the road in 92 / Gas over $3.00 a gallon means time to fix it up.
Luv everyones pics:) And the starting perks.
Any links for parts to the e-mail above would be greatly appreciated.
PIC 651
Terry Nichols My 1981 GN400X. Just bought it for $500 and it runs great.
PIC 652
John I bought this 1980 GN400 in 2001. I have replace some parts and customize the paint job (first time experience). I love this bike, starts on the first kick,is easy to handle and fun to work on. Gets about 55 mpg around town. I have bought 2 more fuel tanks and sets of side panels so I will try another paint scheme soon. Ride On and Hang in there.
PIC 658
Chuck Oxenford This is my 81 GN400 Chopper if you like it let me know
PIC 664
Jim W Great bike around town.
PIC 671
Roger Auch das war mal eine GN400 - lang ist es her.... - In former days also this was a GN400
PIC 675
jim evans All of the fabrication work was done by a friend, Jon Kensington. He's a very talented guy. It's a fun bike, a real bar hopper
PIC 685
Ryan ORourke This is for sale - 85-90% here for $ me at for further questions...enjoy and ride safe! it is a 1981 or 1982
PIC 688
Mike in PA Finally got myself a bike, and while this 1980 GN looks a bit rough, I am very happy with the overall performance (and for $500, I have no complaints!). My only concern is I've been trying desperately to find a repair manual, but to no avail. If anyone can help me out, drop me a line at - Thanks!
PIC 690
Steve Smith No welding, all home built and detailed, bike is for sale-$2700,
in Los Angeles: email
PIC 693
Konrad in Torquay (UK) Just bought this on ebay. Looking forward to riding a thumper up and down the hills in Torquay this summer. My kids have never seen their dad ride a motorbike (23 years since my Commando) and don't know of his checkered past............
PIC 698
stuart Hey, Konrad
Saw your bike on ebay - let me know if you need any help, etc.
Stu (Gloucester)
PIC 701
Roger Luff My GN400 in the air - during a motorbike security training in Spring 2006
PIC 705
Mike Ryman This is the culmination of 15 years of searching. My 1981 gn400. I had a 1980 gn400, my first bike. I LOVED it! To make a long story short, my brother took it, sold it, and shot the $ up his arms. After 15 years, I have finally replaced it. After 3 months of work, it's up and running, and once again, I LOVE IT!
PIC 708
PRAPAN THAILAND FROM THAILAND Here a picture of the GN400 I owned THREE years.
PIC 709
PRAPAN THAILAND My GN400 in THAILAND Here a picture of the GN400
PIC 710
chopsling 1980 suzuki gn400t

chopped up alittle
PIC 713
Raluca 2005 when I first bought my baby. As the sand on the ground shows it's one leaky baby but I still love it and have been riding it on the windy roads on Pennsylvania quite happily (after working on it for almost half a year) The GN's are special indeed :)
PIC 715
Alex W. My GN400 a little bit Pimp't ;-)
Excellent Bike , Bought it second hand in 1987.
Gave it a paintjob, polisch the aluminium.
having fun with it for years.
Love the sound of a 1 cylinder Bike.
(therefor my next Bike will be a Suzuki 650 Savage) (Belgium)
PIC 716
Kevin in MD. pic of my 81 gn400 excellent bike a real keeper .
PIC 721
Mark Cutler GN 400 based post-classic class road racer. Crankshaft is stroked to 487cc and engine modified from top to bottom for road racing. GN400TT chassis (heavily modified), Showa forks, Hagon shox, lockheed brake, 110Kg ready to race, 52bhp at back wheel @ 7200rpm. Bike has a full (RG500 MkIII) fairing but I left this off for this picture.
PIC 723
Tom Creeley This 1981 Suzuki GN400 sat in a shed from 1985 to 2005 before I went to work on it. Now it is my commuter bike.
PIC 725
-- I am looking to sale this bike don't have time to ride.
PIC 737
Claudius Overkr cafe racer gn 400 1981 Norton style
PIC 752
Viomaddog My "bitch" GN400
PIC 754
viomaddog great bike to ride!
PIC 755
Mark I was given this bike, 1980, 3,800 miles, garaged since 1989.
I will take it in for new fluids and hoses, are the tires okay?
Nice looking bike!
PIC 773
Sparq1 I really enjoy the simplicity of the GN400. Almost finished. I need some parts tho(ie. electronics) any leads would b appreciated. Please send to Thanx
PIC 781
cool pic.... Seen this one on the web...looking for ideas bobbing a GN400
PIC 794
John @ Troy Racing Home of the Poorman's Chopper.
Here it is from the Beginning. Got a GN400 81'. Gonna make an orange monster Harley-like thang. Stock motor of course. Doinn it in 2 weeks flat. Stay tuned.
PIC 795
leif this is the bike i buildet for my brother :-}
PIC 800
noggin the chef in bournemouth hi there just bought this y reg(1983) GN 400 from my local adtrader for a measly 100 (Aug 07)Although it haas no MoT or tax it runs well and I think with only a few quid throwing at it, it should be fine.
All it needs is a new battery tacho cable and air filter (already bought a front wheel for it off ebay complete with decent tyre and disc all in for 30, which is a lot cheaper than a new tyre on its own.)
Who says biking has to be expensive!?!
You can contact me on
PIC 832
scoual hello,
I'm french so I dont talk very well english but I can explan you about my moto.
A day I surfing on the net and I saw those picture of suzuki gn 400...My gn it's a 125 cm but it's a gn ...look and tell me if you like it on my blog: thanks and read you next time...
PIC 837
Achim Kasten Diese GN400TD wurde zwischen 1983 und 86 von mir gefahren.
PIC 839
ibuiltmine-o1oo GN400 Chopper from Wyoming
PIC 840
ibuiltmine-o1oo GN400 Chopper from Wyoming
PIC 841
Dave. Caithness Me and my GN 400 rat 1981 and still never misses a beat. Iv had her 5 years and all iv needed is a tin of matt black!
PIC 843
ravi van de vorst i am stil rebuilding this bike.
PIC 849
Dave, Caithness posted here before with my stock 81 rat but seeing the rest of these lovelies made me want to mess with the bike, its a work in progress but will still remain a true matt black and rusty rat!
PIC 862
Ravi van de Vorst My chopper is finished and Finally on the road again and it drive's great for a old suzuki gn400td from 1981. :)

greetings Ravi van de vorst
PIC 863
Michael Fuller This is my 1980 Suzuki GN400. Purchased for $400. I don't know how many miles it has, but after hearing so many good things about this bike - I really don't care. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
PIC 867
kenneth salsbury my gn is a 1980 it has 15000 miles and is one of my favorite bike's of all time. has not been restored in my neighbor's garage from 1986 to 2008 its a ball to ride I am 62 years old and ride daily.
PIC 875
suzukijo i had started this project a few years back, and its just been sitting. DR400 swingarm, GR650 front end, GS400 gastank, GS500 seat. I am not sure how it will end up, but i have interest to finally finish it, thanks to all of you for inspiration, with your bikes.
i would like to have the long tapered muffler, and rear sets, not sure about tail section, may use GS500 frame panels, or go with the empty naked look thru the middle.
PIC 877
Greg Jameson Its been 15 years since I last had a GN and so I bought this one last week. Hasnt been running since 1994 so needs a fair bit of work but its only done 6000 miles. The carb is a mess but I did have it 'chuffing' for maybe 10 seconds yesterday and the engine sounded great so I think its a good buy.
PIC 878
Dave Sweet Picked her up 8/30/2008 in Ohio at a Flea Market for $400.00. Runs and rides GREAT! My plans are to take her back to original. I've ordered fenders, tail light, turn signals, seat, already!! I'll update as I get her closer to original!
PIC 881
ibuiltmine-o1oo GN400 Chopper. Its tough rough and fun as hell!
PIC 882
tom lewis still working on it more pix on myspace search for william lewis
PIC 883
Kacper Broma This is my suzuki 1982 r. in Nadma is abaut 15 kilometers from Warssaw in Poland My e-mail address:
PIC 884
Kacper Broma --
PIC 885
Pusztai Mikls This is my GN400 from 1982. I bought in april 2008 for 700 eu.
It's an very reliable bike.
After I put a 32 teeth rear sprocket (originally was 37) the bike ride very leisure in 90 km/h.
PIC 887
Andy VH This is my ice bike, a 1980 GN400 that has been converted for ice racing. I bought it from a friend. I did fab my own hanger for the SuperTrapp muffler and revised the intake. Did a bit of head work, and I will be re-jetting the carb for more power. All the street parts have been stripped off to save weight so the bike is now under 300 pounds. Right now it will not start (kick only) which I suspect is a timing issue since I do know it ran before. Compression is very good, as is spark and fuel. Looking forward to some winter fun here in Wisconsin!
PIC 893
Laimis gn400 bobber project. not compleat jet.
PIC 895
mike jones i bought this bike as a basket case,so this has been fully restored,runs great until it warms up,then starts missing,and a sod to start when its hot,any suggestions welcome.but a fantastic bike
PIC 897
jymtoubab Moto hyper originale autant conduire qu' regarder!
PIC 898
Torleif 28 Years old Bike I just bought. Has a great sound and runs smoothly. Needs a good wash and a bit of polish. Was hard to learn how to start it at first.
PIC 925
Mick I picked up this running bike for $185 bucks. It leaked gas on me all the way home. The next day i ripped it apart, Cut the swing arm and added in 6". and here's where I'm at with it. I have put $500 bucks in to parts. Ebay is awesome for cheep parts. I wish i could post more than one pic.
PIC 926
Mick Did more work yesterday. I wanted more of a hard tail look so I made the bottom fork kick stand part of the frame. I think it looks cool. My plan is to sell the bike so I'm going to keep it a two seater. I'll make a little bitch pad on the back fender. I'll add more pics as I go.
Oh the pic posted by Laimis I love that back tire where did you get it? You have no e-mail posted
PIC 928
willy from FRANCE (78) i'm a french boy .i've bought my 400 gn in belgium and i try to repare it ! engine is good but i must do something for the electrical part !
all help is welcomed !!
PIC 930
Mick Just an update made the seat pan. it looks a little rough.I bent it up using a vice so there are ridges. I will use a little padding and some leather to cover it up with. After mounting the seat, i decided it had to have forward controllers. I've started cutting them out. Hopefully I will have them done this week.
PIC 931
steve Portwood this is my 1980 gn400 bobber 80% done. just fired it up yesterday. though it keeps backfireing . any thoughts?
PIC 933
deon potgieter my gn400 1980 model for sale with spare engine in newzealand exellent condition bike with no problem at all.
PIC 935
Mick Forward controls work great. Now I have to make the fake oil tank.
PIC 938
Mick Oh ya, The forward controls coast me about $30.00 usd to make. I used some stander ed plumbing pipe. the same 1" I used on the frame and like 6 inches of the next size up. I used 3/8" for the plate steel.If anyone wants to know more about how to make some. you can e-mail me.I did a lot of looking and there's not much out there on how to make your own. Mine are supper solid and work great. you will need a welder, Chop saw, Grinder, And a drill.
PIC 939
Mike My neighbor just gave me this bike. It's been sitting in his backyard since 1988. He said it still ran when he parked it. My son and I are going to tackle this project...maybe.
PIC 941
Bert from Bergen NH the Netherlands This is my gn 400 from '81. I bought it from a guy who was unable to fix it. I got al lot of parts with it. My neighbour did my fueltank.
A few parts I got from the internet like my buddyseat. If there are owners of gn 400's that want to contact me it would be nice.
Its good to exchange experience.
My e-mail is:
PIC 942
Gamaliel Diaz My Suzuki gn400 after 100 milles ride. I love this bike! Simple but great!
PIC 943
Mick Just an up date on the bike. Its not a good pic I know, but the bike is coming along.
PIC 944
Mick A little bit more work and a better pic.
PIC 950
Putney I bought this 1981 GN400TX in Fort Kent, Maine for $100. Starts and idles good until the gas in the carb burns up, but the carb will drain if gas is flowing in form the tank. I got a new float, but it's gettin' cold and the garage isn't heated, so I think I'm gonna drain the gas and leave it for the spring. Sorry about the cut-off pic, I couldn't get a good angle in the garage.

PIC 955
Cassandra D. from Fayetteville 1981 Suzuki gn400. modified, and soon to be modified a lot more!! Foot clutch and jockey shift. Bucket seat, sportster tank.

Soon to have an old Indian tank, clip ons, and I am going to modify the frame.
PIC 963
Jim from Oakmont, PA This Suzuki GN-400 is almost like new. It was found stored in a garage during a property sell where it sat since its original purchase. It only has 1750 miles. Its really hard to believe! Wishing to sell. If you want to take a look at it you can give me a call 412-680-8756 or email me at Serious inquires only!
PIC 966
Emmanuel Hello from the SW of france, near Toulouse.
this is the 400GN 81' .
wheels 19' and 18 ' with hubs from suzuki 400 drz and 2 disks.
next working : change from 6v to 12 v
PIC 978
alex My first build.
PIC 980
waynehampton this is my suzki gn400 fury chopper
PIC 981
Andy Van Herwynen My 1980 GN400 Ice bike. Now fitted with a VM36 Mikuni carb, Supertrapp muffler, longer shocks (lower mount moved forward) to raise the rear. 19" Akront rims front and back. 52 tooth sprocket in back. All street gear stripped off. Honda CH250 CDI wired it to the stock coil. RM80 front master cylinder and soon a front caliper from a Kawasaki 125 Cruiser.
PIC 983
my 1981 GN I bought it as a project sat for over 2 years and started on second kick am in process of airbrushing her at moment and will post new pics when I do to see what you all think
PIC 987
Joe Kinsella First bike! Love it! Removed dented front fender, installed powder coated drag bars, chopped 7-8" off the exaust at a slant painted it black and wrapped the header tube. Sounds loud and mean. Painted front forks black. Next up: seat and rear fender. My lights are pretty dim too, any good solutions? Also, I'd like some shorter cables, throttle, clutch, front brake line. Any smaller bikes cables compatible? Like a dr80?
PIC 988
Lasse DK This is my GN 400.
I bought it in 2010 after 30 Years on 4 Wheels and I enjoy every minute I ride it.
PIC 992
Greg Jameson Bought this 3 months ago for 250. It had been unused in a garden for 3 years. Hard work and another 150 later and it passed its MOT today. My 2nd GN400 on this site (sold that one - regrettably) !
PIC 1000
Greg Jameson Bought this 3 months ago for 250. It had been unused in a garden for 3 years. Hard work and another 150 later and it passed its MOT today. My 2nd GN400 on this site (sold that one - regrettably) !
PIC 1001
rider newman The urban dirt
PIC 1003
Andy Van Herwynen, Green Bay WI, USA My bike is pictured on here as an ice racer. I am in need of a replacement CDI (I do not want a stock replacement). Does anyone in the UK or Europe make a replacement new CDI for the GN400?
PIC 1004
Ian Flanders I built this out of a1980 Gn 400 with 1939 miles.I bought it for $400.and sold all the parts I did not need for $150.The petrol tank is from a Gs1000E.I fashioned the side panels,fairing,inner rear fender and numerous other smalls from sheet aluminum.I cnc machined a double shock mount from3/8 plate steel and welded mounting studs.It was a fun project.Riding here in the NE.has already given it patina.
PIC 1005
Ian Flanders I have pushed this bike close to 7000 rpm on the motorway and estimate the speed to be about 75-80 mph.It was a windy day and it felt more like I was riding a kite.Maybe with a little more weight loss and a down hill slope it could break the 100 mph mark !
PIC 1006
--Ian Flanders --1980 GN 400
PIC 1007
Frank Pluennecke GN 400 TD , EZ:3/82, 33700 KM , besitze ich seit 1986 !
PIC 1008
Timo Savchuk !981 Suzuki GN400 cafe racer built. Chopped rear with loop, front forks lowered 3", Cafe clip on handle bars, New clutch and 15% stronger springs,megaphone exhaust and UNI pod. 15" rear suspension soon to come to raise the back end another 2".
PIC 1017
Frank Plünnecke Bike built in 1982
bought used in 1986
with 9000km.still by me at 34000km
PIC 1019
PIC 1020
PIC 1021
rider newman Dual identity
PIC 1022
sammy i'm about to buy this one. . . will take off headlight cover. downsizing from harley. i'm excited!
PIC 1023