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Roger LuffThis is the KLR of my friend Darrin at the RATPASS in Wyoming, USA.
PIC 12
PIC 13
Jon Kusler, WA, USA (3krauts @ 1982 Honda Gold Wing.
PIC 30
Kris A Duffy I love this pic and have many more at my site
PIC 34
Kev This is one of the many pics to be found on the Where we going MC website click on it to view
PIC 38
Steve in Missouri Again Here is our old 1974 Honda Z50 Minitrail. I just added a better fork (supplied from eBay). We rebuilt the engine ourselves. A lot of time went into porting the head. Man, those are small ports! We went for an old cafe racer look. The kids love the bike. While it is a rough bike, it brings us a lot of joy. A seat cover is on order, as well as new brake pads. Then we are done with this one. For now :-)
PIC 39
sleekitcollie this is my new cbr 600 fx only had it 4 weeks what a differance from my 600 diversion
PIC 75
PIC 118
PIC 127
taner firtina I'm living in a turkey and I m a crayz!! my mail adres : tnrfirtina @
PIC 152
Roger Luff Me during a motorbike trip together with Jon Kusler with his Honda CX500 at the pacific coast in Washington, USA, Aug. 2002.
PIC 155
Scott K from NH, USA 1964 bsa thunderbolt.single carb
PIC 177
Scott K from NH, USA 1972 moto guzzi eldorado 954 cc
PIC 178
Scott K from NH, USA 73 yamaha 360 rt1 with bad paint job.great commuter bike rain or shine
PIC 179
Stathis Kawasaki Kaze-r burnout. You can find more pics at my homepage
PIC 180
Andras This is my Yamaha dt 125 in snow. Normaly I do not ride it in winter time, but yesterday I cannot resist, so I made a trip around the house. This bike is light weight and has enough power to enjoy riding on road and offroad as well.
PIC 199
Jamie hi this pics are of my friends bikes. E-mail me for more pics at jamie @
PIC 239
JASON Its a 1980-81 DT 175. Thats all i know about it so any information about this model would be greatly appreciated thank you. Email jasonfuller40 @
PIC 245
Tolga YILMAZ This is my beloved '95 Yamaha Virago 535 and me. Prepared for a long distance trip and ready to go...
tolga_pi @
PIC 254
Matt Smith What do you think about this, Don`t i look sexy.
PIC 266
Fluke This is my 1984 Honda VT500ED. Hacked off frame, wide bars, polished crankcases and forks, home-made wide 'sportster' fuel tank, welded up trailer mudguard, big fat knobbly tyres, 'fuck off' airhorns, and of course...Matt black.
It now runs on home-made 310 stainless straight thru pipes instead of the megaphones u see atm.
PIC 280
PIC 287
Doreen (doreen_matthies @ That's our Bike, Suzuki GS 550 (1978!!!), fixed it from November to december 2002 and it's running great since that time!!!
It did 500 miles, Danville-Medocino-Danville (highway 1), 700 miles Danville-Santa Barbara-Danville (highway 1 and 101), and 1350 miles Danville-Portland(then through Oregon)-Danville in 28 hours!!! It's great!!!
PIC 305
madp This is me on my mates Kawasaki ZX-6R NINJA on a summer`s day in england.madp58 @
PIC 315
Zippo22 (zippo.22 @ This is my Kawasaki Z650. Built in 1980. Comfortable, strong and nice, as you can see :-)
PIC 321
R Shankar This is a HeroHonda Passion, a model from India. Sleek styling and compact for riding.
PIC 324
klo its a cool bike, shame its not mine, mine is bigger ;)
PIC 332
saminder singh saminder singh from india modified his yamaha rxz 135 cc engine with a stylish look
PIC 334
scott gray i am a member of the saints and sinners in dundee scotland
the bike is a standard triumph daytona 900 the paint job is THE WALL
by pink floyd
PIC 335
peter chalmers only for big boys
PIC 344
Oberoi from Vancouver, BC Canada (bcjatt604 @ Kawa. Ninja ZX7R... Not only powerful, love the body kit and love the way it feels...... one of a kind in Vancouver.
PIC 350
Euagelos Panagopoulos my 250cc tz racing replica
kingvagos @
PIC 353
sonu panesar hi it too fast and too good
PIC 355
sami varjus a bike from finland.. cruising season is over on this year.. but back in busines at april. maybe? sami.varjus.pihlajasalo @
PIC 369
Ayop This is rx-z 135cc only available in Asia.
PIC 373
Kenny Robinson Shane Burn on the mountain at cadwell park where he won the bsb championship 2003
PIC 384
Armin This is a Yamaha RD 350.its production was banned in 1986 due to its excess has got a 36 bhp engine.actually its got 2 also has a very good contolling.its got 6 gears.u can do wheeli even in the 3rd gear.all i say its the best bike one could ever have.don't feel jealous coz its not mine. its my friend's.
PIC 390
Shawn from Canada This is a 1982 RD 350 with the 1981 body, a great fast little bike.
PIC 414
Dave This is my lovely tzr125r 1994 model. i love it. and all you people ho have ur rs and nsr and mitos ... well u have no chance! i tell u what!!! i would even challenge an rs250 and prob win.
PIC 454
Luke Sipson This is my first bike and shes a beauty
"91" CBR400 NC29 GULLARM
PIC 455
Mark Tate My Suzuki GSXR400 RRSP
PIC 469
Mike 1980 Suzuki GSX250, in Adelaide, South Australia.
PIC 486
pete doy 1986 Suzuki VS 700 Intruder. Imported from USA to UK.
PIC 496
Steve Lewis AuSSieSoNG Well this is back in the old days in South Windsor NSW Australia Bush on the old road, one hand wheelys and other tricks. See LewyLewis on yahoo there is a link to my home page there.
PIC 511
canyon racing
this is my 1987 suzuki gsxr 750 yamaha rd 350 80% finshed
I call it my gsxrd 350
PIC 519
ilkan TEK HI! I'm ilkan.
Web Page:
PIC 535
elias hi.i'm from geece.this is my ktm 640 sm
PIC 537
BOUNCE My 1986 gsxr750 all custom body work,handmade swingarm,all hardware on bike is titanium with all one off rearsets,fairing brackets,etc. This thing is still not finished.1990 750 engine soon to be a 907cc
PIC 542
shaun peacher this is my pride and joy i think that my en500 is the only bike i will have for the rest of my life
PIC 553
Pawel from poland this is my 91' cbr 600, i've painted her myself :0)
PIC 554
Mike ( This is my cbr600f 1996.Done a few things to it braided brakes/l.e.d rear lights/hugger/undertray/doublebubble screen and a few of my own bits grills to side panels/radiator guard and alot of polishing. Bye form mike in Swansea in the U.K.
PIC 555
Brad Standring This is of me but unfortuantly i didnt land it
PIC 557
Robert Haines My little 1982 GSX-250. bought it for $100 Australian... beat that!
Great little learners bike, runs well. Top speed ~120-130km/h
PIC 612
PIC 613
Derek This is my 2003 Kawasaki kx 100. if anybody lives in Seekonk,mass area let me know where you ride.
PIC 625
C. from Luxembourg This is the first GR 650 I bought for renovation. Half a year later, I own three of them (bought on german ebay). Any gr owner, feel free to write to me:
PIC 628
sonupanesar ohhhhhhh...................this is mind blowing machine
PIC 635
Jim Duffield This is me on my MZ 660 (single) Traveller off on a Charity Toy Donation run, just after returning from a trip across Australia from Sydney home to Perth.

Love the machine. Want the the new MZ Super Traveller. As a war Vietnam War pensioner, I think I'm gonna have to want....
PIC 641
Bertine Hanssen [EN:] I'm so proud of my Kawa Vulcan, just bought (July 05) even when it was in the garage for 3 weeks.
Every day I called the motorshop and asked what they did, found or repeared. It took a long time, but at the end I could take my new baby home. Now I'm gonna enjoy it.

[DE:] Ich liebe meine Kawa Vulcan, gekauft im Juli. Nur schade das es 3 Wochen zurück beim Händler war. Probleme mit das Gas... Jeden Tag anrufen und fragen ob die Mechaniker schon wissen was das Problem ist. Es dauert und dauert, endlich ist mein Baby zurück. Jetzt nur noch fahren...

PIC 654
Metin VURAL BSA C11 1951 250CC OHV
PIC 659
Metin VURAL 1951 BSA C11 250CC OHV & 1948 TRIUMPH 3T DELUXE
PIC 660
metin vural BSA C11 & TRIUMPH 3T DELUXE
PIC 661
koushik_yamaha yamaha rxz in bangalore complete stock except a imported exhaust
PIC 672
metin TRIUMPH 3T DELUXE 1948
PIC 674
Metin VURAL 1951 BMW R25
PIC 677
Metin VURAL 1948 TRIUMPH 3T De Luxe (msn adress:
PIC 679
Jamesy Another R1 photo North of Sydney
PIC 684
zul_cbr my CBR400RR NC29 pride and my joy!! Malaysia Boleh!
PIC 686
Hitendra S Jamwal The picture is of my custom HD SPORTSTER 79. COMPLETE S&S REBUILD
PIC 706
LewyLewis Can you do that one kneel on seat and hands in air, yes I could have been Evil Canevil the
PIC 711
PIC 714
vic 1995 cb1000, rifle fairing
PIC 717
mert kanuni racer 200
PIC 718
Nigel This is my GSXR400R SP its taken me a while to get it running but at last its FINNISHED
PIC 720
mustafa ismet My bike is 1951 Bsa 650cc Golden flash A10.
PIC 727
mustafa ismet My bike is 1951 AJS 18s 500 cc ;)
PIC 730
MACCA G'day from Oze, This is a pic of my 1947 Triumph 3T it is used regular on club rallies
PIC 731
mustafa ismet This bike is 1971 BSA Spitfire. Hand make.
Mustafa ismet
PIC 733
mustafa ismet this bike is 1992 yamaha xt600

PIC 734
Luis Hector San Juan Sao Paulo City - Brasil - 1975 - Toguether with my son and my Honda CB 500 Four (at that time, without helmet!) Please, see above: The firs time I attached my photo, I'v got a wrong photo, excuse me.
PIC 742
Luis Hector San Juan Sao Paulo City - Brasil - 1975 - With my Honda CB 500 Four (at that time, without helmet!)
PIC 744
PIC 745
PIC 746
PIC 747
Luis Hector San Juan Now a days, preparing to get a route with the Honda CBX 750 Four (made in Brasil)
PIC 748
eira arief this motorcycle is built from Honda CBR350CC frame, yamaha 350 cc engine from junk yard, RX King and yamaha alpha CDI, and Honda tiger rear wheel.

PIC 750
eira arief another picture of my gado-gado motorcycle
PIC 751
Craigsy This is my 1997 Rs250 still lots to do on it but looks the part all the same
PIC 758
Raaj Kumar - Tailor Made Cafe Racer ,We Specialize & Sincerely endeavor our effort's to Tailor Make - Custom Motorcycle / Bike, to build yours Desire & Dream Machine with thorough investigation's & research in Modification's & Tested for the enthusiast Bike Lover's catering the Dream into Reality -


PIC 759
jay My 2001 Suzuki Bandit 600
PIC 771
Luis Hector San Juan This's my loved "baby" taking a rest. She also love me!
PIC 774
Luis Hector San Juan ...and this little bike (which name is POCHITA) was made-up by myself in 1950 when I had 17 years old, changing a "Legnano" bicycle frame and addapting a "Ducati-Cucciolo" motor - 4 strokes - 48 cc. This little bike was responsable to grow-up my passion for motorcycles.
PIC 775
Luis Hector San Juan ...and this is the "RACING VERSION" of "POCHITA", with some power increase by changes on the cilinder, cilinder head, valves, carburator and exaust tube. The coplete story of this little bike had the honour to come as the first page of the "CUCCIOLO CLUB" of Phraga - CZ. (see the Ducati site -link "KLUB")
PIC 776
Alok Balsekar My 1983 Yamaha RD350, sold in India as the Rajdoot 350, in stock condition, fully restored, and ready to smoke out the competition!!!!
PIC 778
steve hewings my girlfriend michelle she is model from west midlands ,
sexy and pretty fit .
PIC 782
--kenny --z650c3, 716 conversion, fzr1000 front end, rf600 rear wheel, fzr200 swing arm
PIC 784
Davr blow me at cadwell park 1996 any photos
PIC 785
WardogZ My 1997 'Chesterfield' Aprilia RS250
PIC 787
ADAM CBR 1000RR it goes real fast vroom vroom
PIC 790
valentino rossi --this is me on me track day
PIC 796
Luis Hector San Juan In june-2007 I bought this little and pretty bike (HONDA CB 450 - two cilinders - 6 gears) which is a very good bike to ride on the city streets and also to get a short distances on the road. That's a 1990 model and it's in a excellent maintenence situation.
PIC 798
-- Tat's my "new" bike - Honda CB-450-DX Sport Luxury, 1990 model, a very good bike to ride at the city streets end also to get short distances at the road.
PIC 805
Dezko Yamaha Drag Star, year 2001
PIC 806
antoine gerber my best friend was killed and left this 996 R to me.rode for 6 months i had it for 3k km's . after the estate was wound up ex wife and kids not left with much,so i gave to them to sell.. sob sob
PIC 808
PIC 811
john dally thought i,d put a photo of my suzuki vx800 as you dont see many on the road, it is a 1992 with 26000k on the clock
PIC 812
Mehar my powerfull RXZ
PIC 813
Dezko Yamaha DragStar 2001 - new parts on bike
PIC 816
Matt Douglas This is me on my Honda RS250 at Cadwell Park in 2002.
I am leading in the pic untill i nearly highsided at the goosneck on the next lap lol. i crushed my bollocks on the petrol tank.
PIC 818
Matt Douglas This is me at cumbria kart track on my AR50. We won by miles.
PIC 819
Matthew Douglas This is me on my Metrakit 70 winning a usual.
PIC 820
Dave Blow me on matts metrakit
PIC 826
Chris Me on TZ250 at Donnington track day, coppice corner, on one.
PIC 827
roger this is my 1999 honda 919cc after most of the year inside the house,
PIC 833
roger this is my baby blade 250cc. still quick even with my fat ass on it,, ha ha ! 70kms at redline in 1st gear,, not bad for 250cc
PIC 834
willy ponting Ratzilla.... gs1000 frame katana forks,gs1000 motor gsx1100 pistons and cylinder head,and cams,chugs along nice
PIC 848
SAM Rolling progect of a bsa c11.
Pretty much how i got it.
PIC 850
stuart dunsmore daytona engine rebuild .sounds mean with the triple twin carbon cans..nottongham
PIC 856
karel Honda fireblade (its not my bike its from my dad)
PIC 859
punit tandon my 1988 yamaha 350 restored recenty

e mail:
PIC 874 Its 1979 Suzuki Gs 750E

I have also got others bikes like suzuki gs 1000e kawasaki Nv 650 choper kawasaki emiulator 2001 and yamaha FZR
PIC 900
neil ordinario My Yamaha RZR 135 modified
PIC 905
sunny Here is my YAMAHA rx100............
PIC 917
Amitabh Mukherjee My 1985 Yamaha RD350s, sold in India as the Rajdoot 350, in stock condition, fully , and ready to smoke out the competition!!!!
PIC 918
naik the indian beast yamaha 135 5 speed No.s
PIC 923
Mike 1979 cx500 semi cafe. I like giving people rides so I left the back end alone.
PIC 948
LewyLewis AussieSong eDinkum South Windsor Bush at The Dust Bowl NSW AUSTRALIA my Honda XL250R 1982 Model, was taken in early 1983. Now its a new Subdivision called Bligh Park which started in 1985. Its now 9/3/2013, how quick the years pass.
PIC 984
Marcelo Mata Venezuela LA MOTORA Keeway Model OWEN (suzuki GN CLON) i made by myself at my bacyard so i named Moto Art Station GARAGE (M.A.S.O. Garage) see all process here: me some: thank Mr. Roger for your page!!!!!
PIC 990
Luis Hector San Juan Year 1957 - Aarlos Paz City - Argentina - My BSA 250 rided by my first wife - Marta San Juan (at that time without helmet).
PIC 1002
Thomas Das ist meine betagte GN 250 Baujahr 1993. Hatte sie komplett neu aufgebaut.
PIC 1026
STEVEN LEWIS AussieSong eDinkum The Mini Dust Bowl 1983, Climbing a tree with the XL 250R 1982 Model.
PIC 1032
Aussie Bikes LewyLewis EDINKUM AussieSong Lewyz Lewy Aussie LewySong OzzieSong Fair Dinkum
PIC 1034