GetT5 Geocaching tool


GetT5 creates from a "My Found" Pocket Query gpx file or from a standard Query gpx file (Premium Member feature at a table in html format that lists all T5 geocaches and a D/T-matrix. An example is shown below.


A geocaching premium member account (sorry, but GC does not offer Pocket Query gpx files for members).
A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) with the script langue PERL installed (Mac and Linux already have Perl installed by default). No additional perl modules are necessary, just the standard.
The script


Download the public domain program from HERE and unpack it using a zip program.


The perl script is a source code script, interpretated by the perl interpreter, no viruses or other stuff can infect it, it is a simple text file only that does not do anything on your computer and does not contact the internet or anything else, just interpretes the gpx file and store the output in the given file.


Non at all, use it, distribute it, improve it, do what ever you like to do with it....


Just copy the file into a folder where you also store the Pocket Query gpx file.


In a Linux shell or a Windows command box go into the folder with the program and the Pocket Query gpx file, unzip the gpx file and type:
perl 123456789.gpx > T5table.html
Obviously replace the dummy 123456789.gpx with the filename of your gpx file! The program will store the list in the file T5table.html in the same folder. If you forgot the > FILENAME part, the table is shown as html in the console window.
You can copy the part of the html file between the "Schnipp-Schnapp" lines (you will find them) to your GC-profile. I also often use the program with normal Pocket Query gpx files to find out what kind of T5 caches are in the vicinity.


Just remove the files (if you still have it) GetT5.txt and, nothing will be left on the computer.


The T5 files in my home zone I did not found so far and the D/T-matrix of the caches I did not found so far in my home zone from a standard GC Query gpx file.


12010-10-17GC2CKHFEin Baum ist kein Baum!Germany/Schleswig-Holstein3.5
22011-06-09GC1WPZ5Vorsicht bissig!!Germany/Schleswig-Holstein4
32011-08-20GC28ZWMT5 Kaki Umland, Edelrid PilotleinenopferGermany/Schleswig-Holstein4
42011-10-03GC29CM9wr_Homezone III (reloaded)Germany/Schleswig-Holstein3.5
72012-04-14GC2VXRPDie EicheGermany/Schleswig-Holstein2.5
82012-05-28GC34XAWKlettereiche Gut EmkendorfGermany/Schleswig-Holstein3
92012-06-01GC2CZ03Der Sonne entgegen..... T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein2.5
112012-07-07GC3HF2CKlettern macht Spaß 2#Germany/Schleswig-Holstein3.5
122012-07-22GC2FM5YSchwebend über der EiderGermany/Schleswig-Holstein3
132012-07-22GC34Z6MKletterausblick auf den WestenseeGermany/Schleswig-Holstein3
142012-08-30GC300X1Plöns erster KlettercacheGermany/Schleswig-Holstein2.5
152012-09-01GC3VWYQZwischen Brücke und Aue Nr.2 - T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein2.5
162012-09-16GC3RW4FFindet FleckiGermany/Schleswig-Holstein3.5
172012-09-17GC3WY8RPearl "Reloaded"Germany/Schleswig-Holstein2.5
182012-10-03GC3WFC9Schöne Aussicht - T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein1.5
202012-11-15GC3WNMHHexenberg 2Germany/Schleswig-Holstein1
212012-11-19GC3EBEMOH ein Baum - T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein1.5
222012-11-20GC40YH3Die TodeskurveGermany/Schleswig-Holstein3
232012-11-23GC3YW7AMein Freund der Baum - T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein1
242012-11-29GC3NX3YDie Qual der WahlGermany/Schleswig-Holstein2.5
252012-11-29GC3WNBAHEXENBERG 1Germany/Schleswig-Holstein1
262013-02-23GC45R8ZGefühlte 60 Meter - T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein3
272013-03-03GC2A0KYKiels höchster Cache (reloaded)Germany/Schleswig-Holstein3
282013-03-16GC3GZTDZwischen Brücke und Aue Nr.1 - T5Germany/Schleswig-Holstein2

Vielen Dank an die Owner für die vielen unterschiedlichen Herausforderungen.


Difficulty   1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5  
1 43 56 14 4 2 1 1 1 3 125
1.5 40 240 70 22 15 4 6 4 2 403
2 12 56 94 37 25 15 8 1 2 250
2.5 6 26 20 14 9 7 3 2 7 94
3 8 22 13 9 23 3 7   6 91
3.5 2 4 6 7 2       5 26
4 1       3 1 2   3 10
4.5       1           1
5                   0
  112 404 217 94 79 31 27 8 28 1000

List generated: 29.3.2013 from a "GC Pocket Query" using by rluff

Last words

Be careful with T5 geocaches, do only things you know how to them!
Have fun, Roger.