Some usefull oceanographic and geochemic calculation routines.

The sourcecode for the thermodynamic calculations described in Luff, Haeckel, Wallmann, (2001), "Robust and fast FORTRAN and MATLAB libraries to calculate pH distributions in marne systems", C&G 27, 157-169 can be downloded here. The sourcecode is zipped, the zipfile contains two directorys (FORTRAN and MATLAB), readme files and demoprograms. If you use the software we will be happy if you send us a short description for what you use it and how do you like it. Also if you have improvement suggestions please tell us what you changed. The alkalinity solver can be tested on this page below.

Download the code from here:
Version Release Notes Size
Version 1.0 Inital Version. (49 kb)
Version 1.1 Increase size of relax factor in alcalinity solver (FORTRAN) during iterration to increase computation speed. (49 kb)

Some usefull oceanographic and geochemic calculations can be done on the following pages. These utilities require a browser with JavaScript capability. JavaScript is standard for all platforms, at least with NETSCAPE version > 3.0 or IE version > 4.0 these calculations should work.

Calculate the density of seawater using the UNESCO (1983) formula. GO !
Calculate thermodynamic constants. GO !
Calculate molecular diffusion coefficients. GO !
Calculate the thermodynamic equilibrium using the alkalinity conservation approach. GO !

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