Rogers simple MP3PLAYER

TATA! I have written a simple mp3 player for Windows, running in a DOS box and you can download it from here.

I called the program mp3player - great, eh?

What ?
Again a mp3 player ?
Not much features ?
With such a boring name ?
Why ?

a.) WINDOWS MP3 players are bloated (seeing as they're now becoming media players rather than straight MP3 players).
b.) On my slow laptop with a 133 Mhz CPU and 16 Mb memory, these WINDOWS media players fail because they need too much memory/CPU-time and therefore the music often had dropouts during play. The only player that worked on this specific mashine was the old WINDOWS media player, but I missed a playlist. Comments to the new version of the WINDOWS media player see point a).
c.) I do not need more to play my mp3s.
d.) The name is the concept, called MP3PLAYER - plays mp3 files, thats all, folks.

If you don't know what DOS and/or MP3 is, you probably don't need it! and the rest stuff of this page may not interest you. Maybe you will find some more interesting things like motorbikes, unimogs, ships etc. on my homepage.

Features (yes there are a few):

o Plays MP3 files (thats mainly all but....).
o Can play a sequence of MP3 files from a playlist (.lst/.m3u) file.
o Supports wildcards (*.mp3).
o Ignores non-MP3 files in playlists.
o Supports long filenames.
o Supports random play.
o Prints the actuel title name on the screen.
o Uses the windows soundcard drivers - if you got sound under WINDOWS you will probably get sound with MP3PLAYER.
o You can modify the c++ code if you like, it is a part of the package.
o Copies the mp3 file from slow drives on the harddisk to aviod dropouts.
o Nevertheless it runs only in a WINDOWS DOS-BOX, not under pure DOS.

Requirements (Minimum):

o A PC with WINDOWS (95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP).
o A Sound Card.
o Some MP3s.
o Installed on a harddisc with enough space for the acual title in mp3 format.


Unpack the zip file you downloaded, copy the file mp3player.exe in a folder of your choice. Read the readme.txt file, or at least scan through it. - Play your mp3's.

Source code:

I wrode the player in c++. However, the code is not designed for a c++ training programme but it can be used as a basis for your own mp3 player. I added some comments to the code, I think enought to understand whats going on, the rest should be selfexplaining. I tried to avoid stuff that makes the execution slow, so you will only find a pure player interpreting a playlist and copy and remove a file, nothing else.
Click to see the source code: Get the CPP-File.
Click to see the source code: Get the HPP-File.

Last words before download:

MP3PLAYER is freeware. I have done it: (c)2002 DG2HL, R. Luff and YOU might use it without any restrictions.


You can download the program from here without the source code

Or with the source code included

Famous last words:

If you want more features: Do it by your own!
If you do not like the program: Use an other one!
If you like it: Add a comment to my guestbook.


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