Progress of the renovation of my SUZUKI GT500 from 1978

In the year 1984 I found this GT500 in poor conditions. I bought it for 400 DM (now 200 Euro), one bike and parts in 4 plastic bags. Some parts in these bags originated form the bike, some others did not..... After years in the garage, I decided to start the renovation in 2004. Since then it is a slow process, but the pictures below document what happend. The rebuild bike will not be original, some original spare parts (even on ebay) are too expensive for that project. Some parts are from different bikes, if the fit - fine, if not I change the stuff until they fit. So far I still think it will be fun to ride the bike one day in the furture. Until then, it is stored dry and clean in our cellar.

Before start of the renovation process: the GT500 is still in bad conditions. My first attempt to put the parts together and run the engine in 1984 was not successful - no ignition sparks, maybe because of the ignition coil or the CDI-unit. So I gave up, stored it in a garage and forgot the bike for years until my father told me, he needs the space in HIS garage ;-)

I do not remember why I disassembled the engine in 1984 - however I did and this was the result of it....

This was the condition of the bike when I put it in the cellar to start the renovation.

And this was the condition of the engine in the year 2004.

The first part was to clean the mess and to see which parts are done and which can be used. Moreover we had to remove most of the parts that where still on the bike. Sometimes I had help from Hendrik.

After we removed the old color from the frame, he shined in steel gray.

New color on the frame - obviously again in black.

Also the engine is back together in one part. Some of the threads for the head screws where completely gone, most of them where already fixed with Helicoil - some of the Helicoil threads where too long that consequently the cylinder gasket was not close anymore ;-( - bad work of a pre-owner! After fixing that and replacing one totally gone thread (M8) with a screw (M12) with a new thread inside I could put the parts with new gaskets together again. So the decision to check it was not so bad....

Back lamp (from a GN400), rack, flasher (rear original, front CBR 900 RR), fender (modified from a CB 750), front lamp (from a XVS Dragstar) H4 with new self made lamp holder and shock absorber are already attached. Bike is ready for the engine.

Engine back in the frame, exhauster, foot pegs (I bought them used the USA because one was missing) and carbureter added.

Front view - next is box for the air cleaner, oil pump and oil pipes, batterie holder and the electric wires.

.... to be continued .............

If somebody has the CDI-unit, please send me a mail I still need it - I am also interested in contact to other GT500 driver. So if you run or own that bike, please contact me.!

ONE ADDITIONAL NOTE: This bike is for sale in the condition it actually is - it is only a matter of the price. If you are interested, send me an acceptable offer and I will think about it. The bike is located in the northern part of Germany and I will not ship it.

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