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My UNIMOG 404 S page with lots of pictures from renovation and trips and a forum.

My 1982 SUZUKI GN400 TD. A GN400 motorbike page with many pictures, forum and hints.

My 1982 SUZUKI GT 500. A GT500 motorbike renovation project.

My cruises on research vessels with lots of pictures from life on sea.

See how to make high quality marmalade by your own.

List of my scientific publications, abstracts and downlods.

Some usefull oceanographic and geochemic calculation routines.

I have written a small mp3player, download it from here with c++ source code.

Animation program for numerical model results VISUMOD for WIN & DOS (info and download).

I have written a DOS tool to create map-plots, e.g. for publications.

A small perl scrip for Geocaching GPX-files to extract the T5-Caches from there.

Contact me using a mail form.

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